Recently, Year 4 has been looking at the properties of shape. We explored the features of 2D and 3D shapes, drawing and making them. We thought about how the shapes related to each other and could be used to create others. We also looked at tangrams and lines of symmetry in 2D shapes.

States of Matter

Year 4 has been learning about the states of matter- solid, liquid and gas.

We discovered the structure of the particles and how they move. We learnt about the properties and how they differ between states of matter.

We found out about gasses that are all around us including carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks and finally we learnt about how to change one state of matter to another by heating or cooling. We tested this by finding the melting point of chocolate.

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Try this quiz or this one.

Roman Cooking

Year 4 enjoyed the design and technology element of their Romans topic this term. They learnt about Roman food including the types of fruit, vegetables and bread they ate.

The classes enjoyed tasting the food then making their town Roman style pizza made with a crème fraîche and garlic sauce and topped with vegetables and ham. They also made honey cakes which consisted of pastry topped with a ricotta and honey mixture. Delicious!

Google Expeditions

Year 4 got the chance to experience Rome when we got a visit from Google Expeditions. We visited The Colosseum, The Parthenon and Trajan's market. Then we went to Roman Britain and saw some soldiers guarding Hadrian's Wall. It was amazing to see it in 3D. It is like actually being there!

If you want to try it at home you can download the app and have a go.

Roman Trip

Here are some photos of Year 4 enjoying their trip to Chester. We spent time in the Dewa museum discovering lots about Roman life including what they ate and how they had a bath! We also marched around Chester learning what it was like to be in the army or life as a gladiator. Some of the teachers even had a go at being gladiators-who do you think was victorious?

Water Workshop

On Wednesday 29th March we had a visit from United Utilities who told us all about water. We learnt about the importance of water especially in other countries where there is not as much as here.

We learnt about some of the ways we use water and how we can help conserve water by reusing waste water on plants and taking shorter showers.

We made a promise of a way we would reduce the amount of water we use and will keep track of our promises to see if we have fulfilled them. We got some gifts to help us do this like a timer that can help track how long to brush our teeth and make sure our showers aren't too long.

Choral Speaking Festival

On Wednesday 22nd March Year 4 took part in the Oldham Choral Speaking Festival at the Oldham Coliseum. We performed No Breathing In Class by Michael Rosen and The Wind by Cristina Rosetti. 

We were very nervous at first but once we started performing we forgot all our worries and had a great time. The adjudicator said we succeeded in speaking in unison, which is very difficult with such a large choir. With nearly 60 children, we were the largest group there!

We achieved Upper Honours of which we are very proud. Well done Year 4!

British Science Week

During British Science week children in Year 4 learnt about changes of state in the Water Cycle. 

We learnt that the water cycle is the journey water takes as it moves from the land to the sky and back again. It follows a cycle of evaporation, condensation and precipitation and collection. We sang a fun song and created our own miniature water cycles!

Then we conducted an experiment to test the rate of evaporation by putting cups of water in different locations. We measured the temperature and wind. To see if it was windy we blew bubbles and looked at which direction they went. We thought about how clouds formed and went outside to sketch them. A very fun and busy day learning about water in its different states.

Finally we made our own rockets and tested how far they could fly. Miss Ward-Lynch's class won the competition with the rocket Matthew, Lacey and Jake made. Well done!

Listen to the song here.


We have been focussing on poetry recently due to World Book Day and the upcoming Choral Speaking competition and were lucky enough to have a visit from poet Dommy B. He lead an assembly where he told us one of his stories and we got to join in making up rhyming poetry to make the magic happen. He also visited us in our class and talked to us about how he got started in his career and he encouraged us to try our best, give everything a go and do a job that you love doing. We wrote a poem that we performed at the end of the day.

We have been writing our own poems in class and have been inspired by our topic this term of extreme weather and recent events like Pancake day. We hope you like our poems!


In science this term we have been learning about sound. We discovered how sound travels by making cup phones and even made our own musical instruments to learn about pitch and volume.

British Values

We had a British Values day at the beginning of Spring term to remind us about the values we at Hodge Clough share.

We spent some time dicussing our understanding of the key values:

  • democracy.
  • the rule of law.
  • individual liberty.
  • mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith

We also learnt a poem to help us learn the values. 

Year 4 looked more in depth at tolerance and we created some artwork to show our understanding of this value.

Business Challenge

For our buisness challenge we decided to start a cupcake business. First, we made some cupcakes and tasted them to see which we thought would sell. 

Then we designed packaging, made decorations and posters to advertise them.

On the week of our assembly we made and decorated over 300 cakes!

Thank you to everyone who bought cupcakes and supported us by coming to the assembly. We has a lot of fun making them and learnt a lot in the process. 

We raised £246.50 and have spent the first part of our profit on some new books and audio CDs for our classrooms.

Egyptian Wow Day

We held an Egyptian Wow day to celebrate what we have learnt in our topic so far this term. We all dressed up and did Egyptian themed activities.

We painted portraits, made pyramids, tasted Egyptian food and conducted an archaeological dig.

Thank you to everyone for getting into the spirit of the day, we had so much fun!

Tooth Decay

We conducted a science investigation to find out how different liquids effect our teeth. We have decided to test cola, orange juice, milk, apple juice and also set up one with water in as a control.

We did not use real teeth but eggshells instead. Eggshells and teeth both contain large amounts of calcium and as a result they have similar properties.

We set up the experiment and observed it over the following week.

Most of the eggs changed, with the egg in orange juice changing the most. The shells cracked and the outer coating came off.

Why do you think the egg in the juice looked so different?

Remembrance Day

We spent some time learning about Remembrance Day this week.

We had an assembly then looked at the significance of poppies.

Year 4CWL wrote the haiku on the right to commemorate the day.

Children In Need

Year 4 took part in Children In Need 2016. We raised money by dressing in spotty oufits.

We also learnt a song to empower us (Click here to view it).