Our Day

We promote learning through play but also have a structured day that helps with school preparation.

8.40am- To encourage children's independence, we ask that parents allow children to hang up their own coats and bags after saying goodbye at our Nursery door. (They may need more support for the first half term) Our learning then begins on entry to the classroom. Children are able to explore the learning environment immediately or complete a learning challenge before our carpet session.

During the morning session, we learn Literacy or Mathematics (depending on the day), Phonics, Topic and we build our skills in key areas through activities with adults. Throughout the day we are able to independently explore the continuous provision, which is adapted weekly to suit topics, stories or children's interests. Snack time is at 10.00am, as a 'Healthy School' we teach children about making healthy choices through our snack choices which is fruit or a healthy prepared snack from our adult activity. Nursery attend the school assemblies on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.


11.15am The children are supported to go to the toilet and wash their hands before beginning their lunchtime routine.

11.40am The children who stay for morning sessions only are picked up from our Nursery door. Full time children access the continuous provision indoors and outdoors (weather dependent).

12.10am Children arrive to begin their afternoon session in Nursery.

Our afternoon session is when we teach Mathematics or Literacy (dependent on the day), Phonics, Topic and we have snack.

We aim not to repeat sessions for the full day children, but ensure that our morning and afternoon children have full access to our taught Curriculum by alternating sessions such as finger gym, cosmic yoga, dinosaur school and dance as well as our taught lessons such a Literacy, Mathematics and Phonics. This is also supplemented by 1:1 or small group work with adults on that week's learning objectives for every child.


We have dedicated reading sessions throughout the week, these take the form of individual reading with an adult, guided reading with a peer and an adult and shared reading as a class. The children also have access to a large range of literacy throughout the indoor and outdoor provision.

We also participate in fine motor (finger strengthening) sessions daily, such a dough disco and our PenPals handwriting scheme.

In line with our whole-school approach to helping children to develop a growth mind-set, the children take part in a number of activities such as Cosmic Yoga and mindfulness colouring.

Throughout the day the children have open access to our continuous provision which is available both indoors and outdoors. The adult-led and independent activities are adapted weekly to support the children's learning and development. Many resources are labelled and available for children to access independently. This helps them to develop their independence and confidence to make choices and also prepares them for Reception.

We have a strong focus on rewarding good choices in Nursery and each week we discuss 'What we are looking for'. For instance, as we read 'The Rainbow Fish' our focus is friendship and sharing. Children that are demonstrating this ability will be rewarded by moving up our Rainbow chart. We are also a big fan of stickers in Nursery!

Before the end of each day, we have a short story and chat about our day. The children are able to share their drawings and stories of their favourite part of the day.

3.10pm- Home-time