Helping at Home

We really value the support given from parents and believe that a strong home-school partnership provides children with a fantastic opportunity to continually develop and consolidate their learning. Below are some ideas of how you can help - if you need any support or further information, please do not hesitate to speak with Mrs Mills.

Thank you for your support, it is much appreciated.



In Nursery we are working really hard on developing and extending children’s vocabulary and really encourage this at home also. We have a ‘Word of the Week’ which will be displayed on our parent’s noticeboard. Some ideas of how you can help are listed below:

  • Providing a narrative as you play with your child, commenting throughout on what is happening.
  • Encourage your child to talk, trying to avoid closed questions as much as possible and instead try to use open questions such as ‘why’ and ‘how’.



We love reading in Nursery and share stories together many times a day, whether it be during whole-class storytime, small group shared reading or choosing to access books independently.

You are able to help at home by providing lots of opportunities, some ideas are listed below:

  • Singing nursery rhymes (these also provide fantastic opportunities to explore new vocabulary!)
  • Providing lots of opportunities to hear and share stories together – we will also send books home for you to share together which can be changed regularly.
  • Remember repetition is good – children love to learn repeated refrains which they use in their play.
  • Explore environmental print together, such as familiar logos or signs. This will encourage your child to make links and recognise that print carries meaning.

      Self-Care Skills

Please encourage your child to dress as independently as possible, practicing buttons and zips at any opportunity. This includes putting on and fastening a coat.

In preparation for Nursery please continue to practice self-care skills with your child as there is an expectation that children are able to use the toilet independently when joining us.

*We would really appreciate it if each child brings a bag of spare clothing to be left in school on their peg in case of toileting accidents.