Reading, Phonics and Spelling

Foundation Stage

Phonics and Early Reading

The children receive daily phonics sessions; we use the LCP Scheme as a guide. Alongside this we use aspects of Phonics Play, Phonics Bug and Jolly Phonics. Our main focus in these sessions is to improve listening skills, recognise the phonemes (sounds in words), segmenting and blending the sounds. Later on, the children will move on to more formal learning of graphemes (written letters) and digraphs (2 letters that make 1 sound).

Guided Reading is taught 4 times per week in small groups so the children have the opportunity to share and discuss stories, take part in role play and play reading games with their teacher.

Key Stage 1

This practice continues in KS1 where children are introduced to more complex aspects of word building to support their development in reading.

Guided Reading continues in KS1 on a daily basis, allowing children the opportunity to engage in reading and comprehension activities.

Towards the end of KS1, children will be introduced to a spelling scheme, Read, Write inc,  where new spelling rules are learnt every week and practiced on a daily basis in school during the school’s 15 minute spelling lesson. Spelling Log Books will be sent home with practice words and activities weekly.

Key Stage 2

The spelling scheme follows on throughout KS2, ensuring that children continue to learn spellings of age appropriate words in line with the New Curriculum.

Guided Reading continues throughout KS2, where children engage in daily reading and comprehension activities. The children are tested on their comprehension skills from Year 2 in order to ensure progress against the New Curriculum objectives and preparation for the end of KS2 SATs tests.


D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) is a national initiative to promote and encourage     reading for pleasure. All      children and adults in the school are involved. At the Junior site, all children (and staff) read a book of their choice for 15 minutes straight after morning break. At the Infant site, all children listen to a story at 2:50 every day.


Reading Newsletter

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