Home School Agreement

This agreement has been drawn up in consultation with parents, pupils, teachers and governors. The aim is to foster a good working relationship between school and home so that the child will have the best possible chance of success in school.

The agreement

The school will try to:

  • Care for your child’s safety and happiness.
  • Ensure that your child achieves his/her full potential as a valued member of the school community.
  • Provide a balanced and differentiated curriculum and meet the individual needs of your child.
  • Achieve high standards of work and behaviour through building good relationships and developing a sense of responsibility.
  • Keep you informed about general school matters and about your child’s progress in particular.
  • Be open and welcoming and offer opportunities for you to become involved in the daily life of the school.
  • Will not publicise images of children without parental consent.

  • Will not allow children to view You Tube in School unless educational content is selected and provided by teachers under supervision.


The Parents/Guardians shall try to:

  • Inform school of the reason for my child’s absence on the first day of absence, before 9.30 am and on any further days.
  • See that my child goes to school regularly, on time and properly equipped.
  • Support the school’s Uniform Policy.
  • Make the school aware of any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour.
  • Support the school’s policies and guidelines for behaviour.
  • Support my child in homework and other opportunities for home learning.
  • Attend Parents’ Evenings and discussions about my child’s progress.
  • Get to know about my child’s life at school.
  • Support the school to ensure that children wear simple hair accessories, no earring or any other form of jewellery.
  • I take responsibiltiy for setting standards for my son /daughter to follow when selecting and exploring information from the internet.

The pupil shall try to:

  • Attend school regularly and on time.
  • Wear the school uniform and be tidy in appearance
  • Do all my class homework as well as I can
  • Be polite/caring and helpful to others and show respect to them.
  • Keep school free from litter and look after everything in school.