School Council


School councillors are elected to represent their class. They act as a mouthpiece between their classmates and the Senior Leadership Team. Through regular class meetings, suggestion boxes and school council meetings they are able to make suggestions to move the school forward and feedback any ideas, problems or requests.

They ensure that the children’s voice is heard.

They also help with the organisation of charity events such as Macmillan and Children in Need  by making sure that information gets through to class teachers and pupils and by putting up posters etc when needed. They are responsible for collecting charity donations from their classmates.

They do a great job. Well done School Council!

Mrs. Petrillo

Update on elections

Due to the current lockdown we will be unable to hold our school council elections as planned. Hopefully, if things improve we may be able to go ahead just after Easter with Councillors continuing into the following academic year. If not then we can look at maybe each class using their pupil voice to generate their own ideas to improve school life which could be implemented in the summer.


Our voice counts

‎In October 2019 our year 6 school councillors conducted the interviews for our new midday supervisors. This involved devising questions, conducting interviews and then making the difficult decision of who to appoint. The councillors were fair and were a credit to school throughout the whole process. Well done.