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Hodge Clough are lucky enough to be currently working alongside the children's metal health charity - Place2Be.

Place2Be are proud to launch Parenting Smart, a mobile friendly website which can be added to the homepage of your phone; so it works like an app.

The web address [ ]

Parenting Smart provides advice for parents/carers around conduct related issues they may be encountering with their children. Many topics offer a quick fix 2-minute video that parents can watch when they are in the eye of the problem. It is then followed with supporting information that the parents can read when they are not in a hot moment.

Give it a look and see if it can support any issues you may have.




As part of Oldham's prevention and promotion for better mental health programme, the Togetherall online mental health service is now live and free for all residents of Oldham aged 16+.  This will give 24/7/365 access to an anonymised community that is moderated day and night by healthcare professionals.


This is a place where residents can feel safe to share feelings and support each other.  Residents can also access art and writing therapies, tools and resources, as well as a variety of online courses.


Visit for more information and to register.