Expressive Arts and Design

Children use paints music, role play and a range of other media to develop self-expression and self-confidence.   This area of learning is particularly supported by our Creative Area and Outdoor Environment.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Working in large groups or in small groups, children learn to make friends and to build relationships.  Children are supported to manage their own feelings and to respect the feelings of others, thus working together collaboratively and harmoniously.  A “good to be me” approach is the basis for celebrating differences and similarities between ourselves and others.

Communication and Language Development

Listening, Speaking and Understanding are central to work in Nursery and Reception and are threaded through all aspects of learning and development.  Children are supported to become skilled speakers and listeners.  The curriculum and learning environment are designed to enable adults to explore and develop children’s understanding in the most effective way possible.


Children develop confidence with numbers, calculations, shapes and measures across a range of areas of learning and development.  Number Facts sharpens children’s rapid recall of number bonds, including addition and subtraction facts.  Numeracy Areas and Understanding the World Areas provide children with opportunities to independently apply the skills they have learned during large group and focus activities. 


Opportunities for reading and writing are rich and varied.  A print-rich environment forms the backdrop against which reading is taught and a love of books is nurtured. 

Synthetic Phonics is used for maximum impact on both reading and writing.  Reading Areas and Writing Areas offer children the chance to independently apply the skills they have learned during large group and focus activities.