School Governors make decisions about how the school is run. Full Governor meetings are held termly but there are various sub-committees e.g. Finance, Premises, Staffing and Curriculum which also meet regularly throughout the year. Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities. They act together to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the school.

School Governors can be parents, school staff, LEA representatives or community representatives. You will be notified as and when Parent Governor positions become vacant and about the election process. Parent Governors must have a child at the school and are selected by the parents of the school.

Our Governors

Lord Martin Matthews - Chair 

Mr Neil Cavanagh - Headteacher

Mr Phil Taylor 

Mrs Andrea Daubney

Mrs Linda Dawson 

Mr Steve Kirk 

Mrs Judy Langley

Mr Jim McArdle

Miss Rosalind McKenna

Mrs Sandra Taylor

Mrs Melanie Wood

Mr Peter Heptonstall

Mr Phillip Austin  

Mr Grant Knox

For more information on governors and the National Leaders of Governance please follow the link.

Link: The Governor's Blog